just testing the waters

August 10, 2009

well i’m new at this… obviously.  i’m a huge introvert and i love to people watch, so this has led to a life of keeping alot of things in my head but not letting it out.  hopefully, this is one way that i can express what is going on in my mind and to give the world a little glimpse of it as well.

so… just testing the waters in whether i like this or not.  welcome to my journey and enjoy my thoughts 🙂


One Response to “just testing the waters”

  1. Aunt Lisa said

    Hi Ashley, I rarely get on the computer anymore, but tonight had to do some research on something and decided to log onto facebook. I saw your new blog and I cant wait to follow your journey’s. I’ve always wanted to start one myself, but as you said in yours, I’m mostly; quiet, shy and keep things to myself. Mostly have conversations in my head that ramble on and on when I’m by myself. Would love to do one of these too! I saw Julie & Julia this weekend and that made me want to do one even more. wish this was around when you kids were little. Would have made staying in touch so much better. WEll gotta finish my research. Take care and say HI to the family for me. LOVE YA – Aunt Lisa

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