August 22, 2009

i’ve always followed my horoscope because most of the time its pretty dead on–at least for the past year. i also really follow astrology and believe in zodiac signs as a way to learn more about people and the universe. as a pisces, i am 100% that of what people say holds qualities of a pisces. recently, this was my horoscope one day and i look back on it every once in a while to help remind me that all the struggles i’ve gone through have been worth it, its made me into the person i am today and that i’m headed down the right path. so enjoy…

Like a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis, you’ve taken some pretty tough circumstances and used them to grow. Now you’re developing into something lovely and fantastic beyond your wildest imaginings. During times like these, it’s good to remember how grateful you are — not only for the easy things in your life, but for the tough circumstances as well. They’ve shaped you into someone amazing.


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