today was long

September 23, 2009

so today i had an appointment with my army recruiters (turned into 5 hours) to figure out what’s going on since i haven’t heard from them nor have i received my orders.   with only having two weeks left before i leave for officer basic course, time seems to be flying fast.  i’m glad that i finally went to see them because it turns out that i have ALOT of paperwork and such left that needs to get done.  so here’s why i still dont have my orders.  apparently some idiot in washington doesn’ t have the word “TRANSCRIPT” in his vocabulary because he has been waiting for my school transcripts to be put into the army system… ding ding ding… they’ve been in there since aug 7, he just kept overlooking the word.   so now… after getting a runaround from washington today my army recruiters finally cleared that up and fingers crossed — orders will be in my email on thursday or friday!!!!  

so not only do i have two weeks to get paperwork done, i need to get a power of attorney, complete a will, pack all of my stuff (so that “transportation” can pick up all my stuff to ship while i’m gone), to getting uniforms.   so friday i’m heading to los alamitos army national guard base to get properly sized, buy at least one set of uniforms and then come home hoping that i can order two more sets and they’ll come in time for me to leave.     in addition to army stuff, i still need to go shopping for cold clothes since im a california kid who has “beach-wear”.   so until i leave…. ill be busy running around doing army errands     🙂


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