…from cali to texas…

October 12, 2009

DSC06557so we left around 9 am on saturday and arrived in san antonio, texas around 2 pm on monday.  yep that is 1351 miles in 2 1/2 days.  it went by pretty good… it was weird to continue past  the Blythe/Ehrenberg exit off the 10 (for those who don’t know that’s our exit for the river),  and the furthest I’ve ventured into Arizonajuarez, mexico as seen from freeway.   in Arizona I had my last in’n’out burger, saw lots of nothing, and the first night we stayed in lordsburg, new mexico.  on Sunday we headed off after breakfast and within 100 miles we were in el paso, texas.  beknownst  to me, here Juarez, Mexico lies literally feet from the freeway.  as you can see in the picture the houses are literally on top of each other, CRAZY!  driving through texas seemed very long and i only had to drive through half of it J.  sunday night we stayed in Ozona, tx, had subway for dinner, skyped with mom and shane and then i headed off to the gym as dad watched baseball and football games.  dad got so lonely by himself while i was at the gym that he found the fitness room and decided to join me as I was watching army wives.  surprisingly he did the treadmill for about 20 minutes then asked if I was leaving soon J.  we skyped once again with mom and shane and I began to falter, so off to bed i went.  monday morning we took our time as we only had 260+ miles left till reaching our destination.  we headed out on the road around 930 and arrived in san antonio around 2pm.  we checked into our hotel and after dad finished up some work phone calls we decided to head down towards the riverwalk and the Alamo. here is some pictures from our adventures:  p.s. we had a really good dinner at The Republic of Texas right on the riverwalk .  it was amazing… a complete recommendation

The Alamo

 alamo 5alamo courtyarddownsized_1012091710

The Riverwalk







…so here’s to my first night in San Antonio, Texas (what a wonderful way to start)     🙂


One Response to “…from cali to texas…”

  1. Lorinda Symens said

    I am so glad that you arrived safely.. yes skype will be much better than I had anticipated.. of course, when the goodbyes come I will find it hard to end the call, and tears are still fresh. I will be thinking of you on Tuesday as you attempt to get barrack housing ahead of the day your to arrive and than you bring dad to the airport. That will be the official end of what feels so safe for parenting and watching over you. Dad will be strong, I would have fallen apart. Look forward to hearing all about your new schedule after you have settled into it and can find time to connect with us. I AM SO PROUD of you that I am busting with pride and in a good way, you have worked hard to get to this point. Love you and good night squirt.. Mom

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