officer basic course

October 16, 2009

in the next few months i will be blogging about my time at Officer Basic Course, recently changed to BOLC (Basic Officer Leadership Course) however, i wanted to let you know what we’ve been doing in the past few days.  when i dropped dad off at the airport i picked up a friend of mine from nursing school, Deserae, who found out last week that she received an open spot into the course.  because this was a day early we thought we would try our luck at getting into our rooms on base a night early…. YEAH they said our rooms were available and if we would like we could also room together!  thank the lord i wont have to spend two months with a stranger!!!!!  at this we found our “room” had two beds; a bathroom; a tiny kitchen area with a mini-fridge, microwave and cabinets for storage; and plenty of closet space, as well as cable tv and cable internet access… at this moment i’m glad im an officer and not enlisted (i admit we get spoiled–according to my friend Mike)  🙂 

so wed we only had to sign-in to the class since we had already checked into our room.

thursday we were up at 0415 to get weighed in to begin the “in-processing” process… basically welcome to the army, watch powerpoints ALL DAY LONG!  we had briefings on life insurance, beneficiaries, finance (the fun part cause we get paid as soon as they process that in the computer system), LOTS OF PAPERWORK, with many needed copies of orders and oaths, etc.  oh yeah, i did my actual Active Duty Oath on October 15, 2009.   we got out around 1800 had enough time to go home to change into workout clothes, eat real fast at the DFAC (dining facility) and then Des and I went running at the track.  we only lasted about 20 minutes at the track since we were exhausted, we both came home took showers and lights were out by 2030 (830 pm).

friday we were in formation at 0500 and did drill and ceremony (D and C) for about 2 hours. basically we learned how to salute, march, and different standing procedures (standing at attention, parade rest, at ease, etc.).  then it was off to breakfast.  oh, i forgot to say that they did a random roll call for “cold showers” which basically means it was a random urine analysis, so those that were picked (Des included) missed all the fun of D and C as well as breakfast and were released in just enough time to make it to CIF at 0730 where we received all of our field gear that we will need in the next four weeks.


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