update to moving overseas

October 17, 2009

i was under the assumption that my assignment in overseas would be short as i would have the opportunity to take my specialty course after my 12 months, however OCONUS (overseas) assignments do not get this opportunity at that time; and all of us going to germany just found this out. due to the high cost of moving us overseas they dont move us back to the states for 4 months (time to do our specialty course) after only having moved us over there less than 10 months earlier.  therefore, what im trying to say is that i will be overseas in germany for 3 years, at which i will be able to do my four months specialty course before having “served” my time. 

this however works out best for me… being stationed in landstuhl, germany (where they send the wounded soldiers first), i have the chance of being deployed at my 12 month mark (only 6 months after having finished my 25.5 week internship) should i so choose to do so.   also this gives me the chance to apply to either airborne school or receive my EFMB (Expert Field Medical Badge).   to get more information about airborne school you can click the following link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Army_Airborne_School; for more information on EFMB you can click the following link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Expert_Field_Medical_Badge… i am also looking at the possiblity of flight nursing… who knows, i have alot of time to figure this all out and as to what i actually want to do while i’m in the army.  i’m getting excited about what’s coming up for the long run, however i have to first get through the next two months!!!!


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