learning weapons

October 27, 2009

so i’ve come to the realization that i am horrible at posting on my blog.  i will try to get better.  the key word is try 🙂

…so monday we went out to the field and practiced getting familiariazed with the M16.  we learned how to disassemble and reassemble, positioning (prone, semi-prone, and knee), as well as targeting/accuracy.

…today we went into the EST 2000 which is a simulated shooting range and got the feel for a real gun without the shooting of real bullets.   my whole life i’ve been right handed, however, with shooting guns apparently i’m left eye dominated so today i played around with shooting both left and right handed to see what would feel more comfortable.  shooting with my right hand/right eye i only hit 13/40 targets HAHA so we’ll have to try with my left hand/left eye next time.  hopefully i’ll be able to qualify when we get out into the field next week.  well i’m exhausted and tomorrow is a full day (dental, blood drive, medical, eye doctor, fingerprints, class, lunch, class) starting at 0500.


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