November 15, 2009

so this weekend my cousins from outside austin came down to hang out with me.  my cousin Cindy is a huge marathon runner and little did she know but the Rock ‘N Roll San Antonio Marathon was going on downtown today.  we ran into some people at the hotel and decided we would try to look for them at various points of the course….  so at mile 8 we were cheering and supporting for a few hours with coffee and then again at mile 25.5 we cheered and supported for a few hours with mimosas in hand.  having done a half marathon before and watching them all run, i got an itch to want to do it again (having actual proper training this time)! so when i got back to my army room i started looking online at marathons that i could do in germany.  this search led me to start looking at marathons all over europe–i figured why not run a marathon in a place to which i can then travel to… knock out two birds with one stone.  so… i’ve decided to sign up for the Vienna City Marathon on April 18, 2010 and the Frankfurt Marathon in October 2010 to start out.  who knows i might sign up for more during my time in Germany and how cool is it to say that i’ve done marathons all over europe–i mean who can say that? 

so let the training begin  🙂


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