January 13, 2010

i came across these two quotes a long time ago and when i was looking back in my “quotes” diary i felt a sense of pride in at least one time when these held true in my life.  this past summer, i went to hawaii with my cousin trisha and met up with her brother chad and his girlfriend holly.  while we were there we decided to climb “Stairway to Heaven”.  as most of you probably dont know, but its illegal to do so however we were determined to reach the top.  at first i thought pshhh i can do the 3,992 stairs, however after about step 200 i was thinking i was crazy! 

#7: “see every difficulty as a challenge, a stepping stone, and never be defeated by anything or anyone.” -eileen caddy

#8: “regrets can hold you back and can prevent the most wonderful things taking place in your life.” -eileen caddy

stairway to heaven 06/2009

yet despite the desire to quit at pretty much every step, i was determined to finish because i hate quitting on things… and when all was said and done, the view at the top was amazing and made the whole experience worthwhile.  had i given up and let a challenge defeat me, i wouldn’t have been able to see the beauty that awaited me at the end of the journey.   had i given up and turned around,  i would have regreted that decision once i saw these pictures.  i mean who can deny that a God exists when there is so much beauty all around and his majesty just shines through.


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