moving in

January 16, 2010

well all my stuff is being delayed still…. so pretty much i’ve been camping out at my apartment for the past few days with my two suitcases and a sleeping bag i stole from cousin carrie so i wouldn’t be sleeping on the bare floor….

finally my stuff arrived, whew.  now, a week into my leave to set up my apartment, i can finally start emptying boxes and putting things in their place.  in less than two days, the kitchen is all set up minus a few random items and the bedroom is mostly set up minus picture frames and shoes (i have yet to attemp trying to organize all my shoes, that will come for the weekend hahha).   although i would like the process of emptying boxes to move faster, i have met a stumbling block… i recently became addicted to xbox thanks to mike and kyle. so… i bought an xbox so that i could play dvds and to really get my ass kicked by them lol (really i laugh the whole time cause im horrible), but if any of you guys play… hit me up on xbox live @ beachsnowbabe01.


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