January 22, 2010

for as long as i’ve known of the ridiculous rule of make a wish at 11:11, my OCD has faithfully come into play.  whenever i see the time whether its am or pm i always make a wish…. well today i happened to be taking a medication and math test.  i’d been stumped on a question for a good ten minutes and went to use the calculator on my phone… noticed the time was 11:11 and instantly made a wish hoping that i’d get the answer right.    now, having said all this, a happy ending would have been that i got the answer right, however i did not hahaha but either way, i thought it was funny that even in the middle of an exam my OCD comes out through and through.   plus, it still gives me hope that my real wish will come true one day 🙂   

have a good friday!


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