a little bit of the reasons why i do what i do

February 5, 2010

here’s a video that my mom had posted on her facebook page a long time ago and i just saw. i can’t exactly explain all the reasons why i joined the military i think alot of them are pretty self explanatory and from personal experiences.  as most of my family knows… my cousin PFC Cory Kosters died in Iraq on March 5, 2007.  since his death i’ve wanted to help injured soldiers in any way that i can. 

I am a compassionate and empathetic individual and I feel like the soldiers of present and past have risked their lives daily to provide me with the freedoms for which I am grateful. One way I can show how much I appreciate them and their families is by providing them with the best nursing care I can give. Knowing that many soldiers are serving away from their loved ones and relatives, it can be difficult for them to feel the direct support and love they might need. If I can be that comforting hand and calming support when they are far from those, then I will feel like I am doing my job. the nurse in me loves helping people… and why not help those who risk their lives daily so that americans can be back home safe and free.

i want to be deployed to iraq/afghanistan and i know that scares the crap out of my mom but i feel like if i can make a difference for one soldier then that is huge for me.  well heres a video of what we do 🙂


3 Responses to “a little bit of the reasons why i do what i do”

  1. Jenalee said

    I really admire your decision. I think its so cool how God gives us a desire to pick certain careers…you joined the military/nursing…I joined education. We are both needed. 🙂

    • beachsnowbabe said

      thank you. i agree that its crazy how He gives us a specific desire, i kind of just trusted and i haven’t looked back yet. i definetly love what i do as im sure you do too.

  2. Lorinda said

    I’m not really scared for you to do what God’s called you to do, I’m just selfish enough to know I’d struggle to do as well with your eternity in heaven coming before mine.. Wherever he leads you I will support you and grow in MY TRUST in GOD..

    love mom

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