momma’s in TX

February 21, 2010

so my mom decided at the last minute to come visit me for a week before she goes back to work in mid-march. i’ve been kinda down lately because i dont really know many people in the area and just started working at the hospital so i haven’t made any friends yet.  trust me, my friend count is very low these days… very atypical. haha.  so when she called and asked if i’d love some company i didn’t hesitate.  she flew in on thursday night and will leave early on thursday morning.  

friday i got home early from work to find mom baking 6 dozen cookies for me to freeze, chicken was boiling for a dinner casserole, and two dozen roses were on my counter in a gorgeous vase!  nice way to come home.  we watched a few episodes of FRIENDS and i crashed early.

saturday i woke up to the smell of eggs, bacon, and toast. took a quick shower and we were off to explore. mom wanted to go to Macys, plus i needed to get more makeup from MAC so we headed towards temple about 20 minutes north.  mom found some good clothes and of course they dont carry MAC cause they aren’t a “big” macys.  oh well, i tried.  off to find a kirklands (mom has been addicted ever since we went to one in houston in december) store in austin.  we hit up Kohls, Kirklands (i bought two vases for  my apartment), and of course mom insisted we go to michaels to get the vases set up.  she knew if we left and she didn’t get it done, my vases would still be empty when she came back next time.  she knows me too well. ahhaha.     well here was the end result.  they came out really good. 

still determined to find my makeup i thought i’d try my luck and look up a nordstrom in the area.  low and behold i found one… so we drive down the 183.  it didn’t even hit me where we were driving and as we turn into the parking lot we notice a bunch of people standing along the road taking pictures.  we look across the street and there is the IRS building where the guy flew his private plane into on Thursday.  crazy!  didn’t even try looking for it, just stumbled upon it.  needless to say, the nordstrom was a nordstrom rack (at least i know where one is now i guess).  still looking for a nordstrom around here :(.  but my day was a success cause i found a ‘big” macy’s where they had my makeup.  lol.  big lebowski time (i know i have an exciting life… watch movies on a friday and saturday night)!!!

now its sunday and i thought i’d surprise her and make her breakfast.  thought i’d heard her getting up so i started the eggs, etc.  and when all was said and done she didn’t come out of her room… she’s still sleeping.  so im trying to eat all 6 eggs hahaha.  its not working so well.  oh well.  man its 1030 and she’s still not up. well… till later.


2 Responses to “momma’s in TX”

  1. Aunt Alice said

    Just wanted to let you know that I enjoy keeping up with your life out there in Texas. Thinking of you and keeping you in our prayers. Have fun with your Mom. Luv ya,

  2. Lorinda said

    love being here with you.. sorry about the oops on missing out on breakfast today.. body needed the rest for the afteroon we just had with the hike.. see you in the morning ~ doesn’t that sound good for the week I will be here? good night

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