walking away

February 25, 2010

I can’t wait around indefinitely for your commitment.


You knew full well that i’m a damaged person who finds it difficult to believe, yet you did everything to convince me, and then you disappeared. It makes me wonder who i am to you, really. Your nonchalance is disturbing and insensitive, and contrary to what you think, it is a most screwed up defense mechanism.

So i’m leaving. Because i’m worth more than that, despite what you made me feel.

I’ll slowly stand up again by myself, whether or not you resolve your issues. But i really hope you do.


One Response to “walking away”

  1. Texaspoet said

    I noticed your link to my published and unpublished poetry work today. Comments are always nice and well received on my WordPress Blog, but a link is a real kiss on the cheek.

    Right now, in my life, seems to be a more difficult time than usual. Maybe it is the reality check, that life is no longer endless before me. It is my belief, that youth gives us, that illusion. What makes it tough is dear friends seem to dying all around me. It is my hope within my work, you may have found “something” that spoke to your own life in a “positive way.” Thank you so much for the much needed “Kiss and Hug upon my Cheek.”

    Blessings in Your Journey,


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