moving on…

March 9, 2010

i’ve done alot of thinking lately and dont really know if any of this will make sense… but i think i just need to think outloud or vent in a way.   this past year i’ve continuously heard that i need to ‘love who you are and love will find you.’  i feel as if this is true, its just hard practicing it.  over the past three years i’ve taken alot of time to work on me and to figure out who i truly am.  recently i fell in love with the person that i am.  i wouldn’t change anything about me, faults and all.  i am a kind, (com)passionate, empathetic woman.  i have realized recently that i am a person who gives wholeheartedly in my friendships and relationships, and sometimes i give too much of myself.  i am a very emotional person and this tends to be both a blessing and a curse at times. 

i dont know if this thought process has come about out of plain curiosity or due to the fact that the past few months i’ve had two exes contact me and actually apologize cause they realized they effed up.   it makes me wonder sometimes because more than one has recently said that if distance werent an issue we’d be together, they just cant do the long distance relationship.  which brings up another issue, obviously if these guys claimed to really like me the distance wouldn’t be a problem.  i’ve always believed that if a guy truly loves you he’ll make sure to do what is needed to make sure he doesn’t lose you.   so having said that…. i think its time for me to move on and leave the past in the past.


Slow to trust but I’m quick to love; I push too hard and I give too much; I ain’t sayin’ I’m perfect but I promise I’m worth it.


2 Responses to “moving on…”

  1. Lorinda said

    love ya… me

  2. Aunt Lisa said

    Ashley ~ Love reading your blog. I’d say you are so young and have much life to live yet and things to accomplish. Please dont worry about finding “your love” at this early of an age. It will come in/at the right time with the right person. I’d say keep exploring, achieving and pursuing your goals and that RIGHT person will be there. Easy for those people to say that now, knowing that you are committed to at least 3 years where you are. I’d say ~ let them go, move on and if it was truly meant to be… will eventually be led back to them, or they to you.

    Love ya lots aunt Lisa

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