25th birthday

March 14, 2010

to much dismay, my 25th birthday came. ha! although, it was spent in austin with some amazing people. one of my best friends, briana, came out from california and spent 5 days with me. friday night we drove down to austin, about an hour drive south of my apartment and settled into the hotel room on 5th street. we decided to get dinner so we went to El Sol y La Luna restaurant. briana told them it was my birthday, so i got sung to by a mariachi band. briana and i were dying laughing, the rest of the weekend we kept going around screaming “feliz cumplianos, ASHLEY!!!!” even though it was about 11 before we hit the bars, we met up with our friend Bryan who ended up showing us all around Austin the rest of the weekend. after about 5 bars that night we finally made it back to our room…

saturday, we slept in a little bit (around 3 is when i think we started getting up for the day) haha. but we got dressed and decided we needed to eat tonight before the shenanigans started. briana had never gone to the melting pot before and since her and i love to take romantic dates together, we decided why not. *side note: her and i say all the time that we dont need any men in our lives cause we have the perfect relationship. we can go to dinner and not have to talk about feelings or emotions or “get to know one another”. and most often we dont even try to have romantic dates, it just awkwardly happens. at first it used to wierd us out, not its just another day for us ahaha. anyways, back to the night. after dinner we met up with Bryan for his friend Josh’s birthday at Lanai. we met a bunch of bryans friends and took birthday shots at midnight. lanai was nice, but it was an “older” crowd so we decided we wanted to go back to 6th street and barhop. the girls thought this was a great idea so off we went to explore… i can’t name all the bars we went to but i feel like between the three nights, we’ve hit up every one, and there are ALOT. we did alot of dancing, drinking, dancing, shots, dancing, and walking of course. and of course, briana got recognized alot which was funny cause we would end up just walking away from them, so i have alot of pictures being posted by people i do not know but they wanted to take pictures so eh, why not.

sunday Bryan picked us up and took us to Salt Lick, a great barbecue place. apparently they are world reknown, it was pretty awesome i must say. he then drove us to a point where theres a scenic overlook of austin in the distance. the bridge i guess is in alot of famous pictures so… eh. mark that off the bucket list haha. also, on the list of things that day, bryan took us to see the oasis restaurant in austin. we didn’t actually go in but he took us to the lake to see it from a distance. two of his friends, d.j. and alex actually live in the houses on the property so we dropped off their dogs (they had been on a cruise for a week) and hung around for awhile. bryan ended up taking us home to take a nap and then the plan was to meet him, d.j. and alex for dinner at a great sushi restaurant, kenichi. briana and i got there at the time planned, but they arrived an hour late so we got some drinks at the bar and watched the basketball game. eventually they arrived and although im not a big fan i really enjoyed this sushi. it was the expensive good kind 🙂 we had lots of sake and i had a unique cake. it was the shape of a penis but it was delicious. fried banana and strawberrys with ice cream and wonton pastry. between all 6 of us, it was gone. lol. after dinner i think we literally hit the bars at 1130, but it was the best night. we didnt even stay that long at the bars, we’d go in take a shot then hit the next bar up. the night consisted of: we probably hit up 20 different bars, i rode a mechanical bull, danced on the bar, heard a lame joke as a birthday present from a bum, got in a fight with a fat dude (fists thrown, hit and all), and enjoyed a nice bicycle ride back to our hotel room.

monday, we got up kinda early cause we wanted to hit up green mesquite for lunch (as is our tradition) before briana hopped on her bird.

now… pictures are in no particular order so the weekend thus shall be seen:

needless to say, austin is making my stint in texas a little bit more bearable. i have officially found an awesome place to hang out at. LOVE IT! so here’s to a great year, hopefully will be the best so far!!!


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