working with pregnant teens

March 27, 2010

i just got off the phone with a friend who is dealing with alot of issues with his pregnant ex-girlfriend. although i dont know her very well, she displays alot of characteristics that most immature teenagers have when they are pregnant for the first time. this got me to thinking about the semester of community nursing when i worked with pregnant high schoolers. at the moment i didn’t appreciate the time i had with the girls and guys, and the knowledge that i could impart upon them. however, now i see the huge importance that education has on them. working as an army nurse, you get alot of young teens/adults who are parents. some are having their third and fourth child, while others are experiencing their first child. everytime i see one, my heart goes out to them because these parents are so young and still growing themselves. they aren’t able to fully understand the hardships they are putting themselves through right now. most are immature and scared, they dont have the knowledge and wherewithall to take care of themselves let alone a little child. now dont get me wrong, some of these young adults have a great understanding of what is to come and are responsible parents…. but its far and few between that you find the ones who have their stuff together. my heart breaks everytime we as nurses have to write out social work consults, and too many are written everyday.

over the past four months, i’ve been pondering what it is that i actually want to specialize in as a nurse. i think my heart goes out and has gone out to the birth process. from educating in the prenatal stage all the way through the labor and delivery process as well as the postpartum process. eventually i would love to get my women’s health and family nurse practitioner so that i can work more closely with the education process of both new moms and dads. 🙂 can’t wait till i can start… but first, i must take the L&D course with the army. one step at a time!


One Response to “working with pregnant teens”

  1. Lanae said

    You would be wonderful in L&D Ashley! The nurses I had when the kids were born were amazing, I couldn’t have done it without them. Hats off to all the nurses, you aren’t always acknowledged and appreciated for what you do!

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