suicide rates in military

April 13, 2010

over the past 3 months that i’ve been in the hospital, i’ve seen the growing number of those who have attempted suicide and are now in the hospital recooperating.  obviously, we dont see the ones who have successfully finished the task, but the number who were ‘unsuccessful’ or ‘looking for attention’ is still abismal.  i dont know how many times i’ve been in the er, icu, or even on the mental health floor that our soldiers were being admitted from an intentional overdose, suicidal ideations, or even suicidal attempt.   it breaks my heart because when you finally talk to them they are hurting and just looking for help.  most often times the reasons for them to “leave this world” is due to coming back from a deployment and can’t deal with the images anymore, PTSD, marital/relationship issues, or just psychological issues in general.  i think here at fort hood we see a large number of these attempts due to the deployment schedule the soldiers follow.  some divisions just get back to only find themselves on the next deployment roster a few months later.  i know of many soldiers who just came back from a year-long deployment in november and already were profis’d for and left in march.  for young soldiers, multiple deployments are turning out to be very difficult. 

i fell upon this article when i was looking at, and i think that its a great example of how the army is realizing that this is a problem that needs to be addressed.  i know at first when i came in i thought man i just had a suicide prevention briefing, why do i have to do one every other month… but this is the reason.  the army is seeing a huge increase in the numbers coming into our ERs and morgues, and as healthcare providers we are here to help the soldiers come back from deployments and to give them needed support so that we dont see them in our ERs as frequent flyers for multiple tried attempts.  well, enjoy the article, i thought it was interesting.,8599,1981284,00.html,8599,1936085,00.html?iid=sphere-inline-sidebar


One Response to “suicide rates in military”

  1. Momma said

    The article articulates that it’s hard to get ahead of a problem that can be so spontaneous a decision by the person in dire need.. Intervention of every soldier is a near impossibility without it coming from within the soldiers central core group of fellow soldiers. Asking those hard questions of each other and drawing deeper conversation amongst each other to relieve the perculating issues beneath the surface.. Most just prefer not to “interfere” and yet “saw nothing coming”..

    How do you get that to occur amongst the ranks already in place?

    great subject matter squirt.. love me

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