some random things about me! old one and a new one!

April 17, 2010

an updated and improved random things about me, enjoy 🙂 (april 2010)

1. this is the first year that I have kept my new years resolutions so far.
2. i love to travel, i can’t wait till i can take leave or get passes approved and go somewhere new. i want to visit every state’s top landmarks.
3. i love watching documentaries, Discovery channel, and the History channel.
4. i used to hate walmart, but now i feel like it has everything you could ever need.  its awesome!
5. i recently picked up rock-climbing and i LOVE it.
6. i love to take really long showers. like ridiculously long showers.
7. i dont know if Army Nursing is what I want to do for the rest of my life, but I think i might stay in, as long as I get to see another place outside of Fort Hood.
8. i have officially given up soda, and trying to decrease my milk intake (proving to be difficult)!
9. i love good morning texts.
10. some of my best nights, i can only piece together… but the people who have shared those memories are like family to me.
11. i love ordering shoes and lingerie online, it feels like christmas–to wait in anticipation for their arrival.
12. i’m a sports fanatic. i love football mostly, beach volleyball, soccer, baseball, and UFC fighting.
13. i hate cussing or using swear words. but catch myself alot more (dang army).
14. i love hearing your beautiful or gorgeous, even if i dont feel like it somedays.
15. im still really shy around new people, but i’m trying to break that. trying 🙂
16. im slowly starting to enjoy beer.
17. i truly love working with the soldiers; they are the reasons why i get up for work everyday, well night now.
18. i want to deploy it hurts so bad.
19. i’ve fallen in love twice in my life, and Josh and Mike will forever have a place in my heart.
20. i love babies and kids. i love to see the joy on their faces.
21. i miss california alot. like it kills me that we dont have good beaches here.
22. i hate capitalizing the first letter of a sentence. it really annoys me.
23. i absolutely am in love with who i am. finally i can say that.
24. i love playing xbox 360, but i usually get frustrated and stop after an hour. plus i feel like a nerd so i dont play as much as i’d like to.
25. i still hate running, but have determined im just gonna have to suck it up.
26. i am addicted to the words with friends game on the iphone.
27. i love cooking.
28. i love to read books, right now im reading a thousand splendid suns by khaled housseini. amazing how books can take you to a totally different place.
29. i love boardgames or a game of cards.
30. i read my horoscope daily. sometimes its true, sometimes its not. 
31. i pray daily for my future husband, and for two exes.
32. i love watching military videos on youtube when i cant sleep at night. but i get emotional at times cause it makes me think of the price corey paid while deployed, as well as for josh and the danger he see daily in afghanistan right now.
33. i love fruit; pineapple, strawberries, bananas, red raspberries, mandarin oranges, peaches… etc. if i could survive off these alone, i’d be ok with that 🙂
34. i love little hole in the wall drive-ins and restaurants.
35. i hate spiders with every being of my body.
36. i love running in the rain.
37. i think i will forever be a country music girl at heart.
38. classic 70’s and 80’s music will forever remind me of mattie and josh.
39. i think the sexiest thing a girl can wear is a smile and radiate confidence.
40. i feel like music lyrics best describe my emotions, i can always find one that fits where i’m at in life.
41.  i can’t start my day without a fruit protein shake. 
42. i feel like technology runs my life, sometimes i dont mind turning my phone off for a week and i consider deleting my facebook account all the time. its just nice to get back to me without all the extras.
43. some days i feel like im just a girl, trying to get through life day to day.
44. ive come to the realization lately that sometimes my best friends know me better than i do.
45. i think i’ll always have a wall built up to some degree, i hate being disappointed and hurt.
46. i wish i had the energy of a puppy. especially lulu and heidi… they are always on the go and so excited about things.
47.  i try to enjoy the little things in life, they brighten my day.
48. i secretly wish i could sing really well. haha
49. i miss playing soccer. really, competitive team sports of any kind.
50.  i have a thing for having alot (6) pillows on my bed, but i love them.
….. well thats all i can think of right now.  hope you enjoyed

so here were my answers in January 2009…

1. I’ve lived in the same house all 23 (almost 24 years) of life.
2. I hate to admit it, but I’m spoiled by the boys in my life (Dad, Brian & Shane).
3. I hate cleaning and doing laundry–unless I’m in a bad mood than it distracts me. I usually let it sit for a week or so even when clean–i hate putting it away.
4. I don’t know if I’m ready to be a nurse–I feel like I know nothing!
5. Officially became 2nd Lieutenant Ashley Symens today 🙂
6. Just went skydiving last week (never thought I’d want to do that)… now I can’t wait to do it in every country I go to now 🙂
7. I make endless amounts of Lists EVERYDAY–they are everywhere–even if nothing gets marked off or accomplished i just feel better knowing that at one point in my day I marked out what needs to be done for the week.
8. I hate sputum and respiratory problems (probably because of my own physical issues).
9. F.R.I.E.N.D.S. is my favorite show ever… i have every DVD and watch it all the time… its how i used to fall asleep at night (of course after watching 3 or 4 episodes :)).
10. I love chapstick (Pomegranate or Honey Burt’s Bees). LOVE IT.
11. When I read, I highlight or make notes in the margins on everything–sadly Nursing has corrupted me.
12. I love my girlfriends, I don’t know what I would do without them… they are my rock and sanity.
13. I read all four books of the Twilight saga in 6 days and LOVE it. (yes that is 2435 pages) 🙂
14. I love getting pedicures and facials–I just feel better and more relaxed.
15. I love having random days where Mom and I aren’t doing anything workwise or schoolwise so we go see a movie or go shopping. (we need to do more)
16. Im a sappy hopeless romantic so I cry for everything!
17. I love heels!
18. I used to have a rock collection–I still have alot of them–but no longer look for new ones.
19. I used to hate coffee, but this semester I’ve grown accustomed to it (Starbucks is my hott studying spot) 🙂
20. I LOVE Milk and Iced Tea. I could drink them all day long.
21. I love hanging out with the girls and doing nothing at all.
22. I love taking naps.
23. I sticky note EVERYTHING.
24. I think its hilarious that last semester, all us girls would do Monday night Margaritas and $1 tacos at Alcapulco to watch the football game and eat before our Nursing Ethics class at 6 🙂 hahaha good times
25. I hate running, but keep signing myself up for new challenges.


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