…exactly whats on my heart…

April 18, 2010

recently, i’ve had sugarland playing on my ipod alot. i dont know why, but i go through stages.  this song came on and it hit exactly what i was feeling like today.  here is a song about wanting to be someone’s everything… “what I’d give to bring a smile across your face”, or “what I’d give to let you love me, find out everything that brings you joy, wake up to  your face above me”, or “what I’d give for just one minute, what I’d give to count all the ways.” and i think the lyric that hits most closely is “if your heart was dark with nothing in it, i’d give you mine and take your place;” it just shows the ultimate sacrifice of loving someone truly, wanting no harm or hurt to come upon that person. 

i think this song completely describes my love life at the moment. ha. it also reminds me of the song if it kills me by jason mraz (i’ve blogged on it before). about wanting to be with someone, yet knowing it will change the friendship into a relationship.  the fact that jennifer is singing about what she would give to make that person hers, and for jason the song is about wishing that person would know how they felt.  for the mere fact that friends could actually fall in love, head over heels, and not be afraid to get hurt;  it could make it completely worth it. but when you think about it really, are people willing to take that risky move?  theres the potentional should you not work out as a couple, to have ruined a great friendship.  i think a part of me will always have a wall built up… i dont know, but its something to think about. i do love to see my life sung out or displayed on a lyric page 🙂


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