April 19, 2010

its funny how god puts people in your life exactly when you need them.  the past 4 months or so i’ve been going back and forth about a certain issue with a friend. to date or not to date, to stay friends or become more.  well i’ve been patiently waiting for this person to realize what they want for about 10 months… in the meantime i haven’t really dated because “he’d always been in the picture”–in the background but needless to say he was there.  well this past week i decided i really just think him and i dont work well on the ‘relationship’ side of things, we argue and get mad at each other over the stupidest things, he gets jealous really easy and long distance isnt conducive to that mentality, plus really we just work better as friends.  i finally came to that conclusion last week and decided enough was enough. im done.  so i have been, i truly love that person, however i’m to the point where us being in a relationship would ruin everything so im completely content just being friends.  i think he’s realized my pulling back and has been grasping at the strings to pull me back in–

well anyways, back to where i was going with this….i  think theres alot to the saying, sometimes you miss exactly whats in front of you because you aren’t looking.  well i’ve been trying to figure out why god has rerouted my orders and im now in texas.  im a firm believer in there is a reason for everything and i’ve been trying to find the reason. its funny how when i finally closed the door on one individual, my eyes were opened (or at least the haze was lifted), and  i see the possibilities. ha. so theres this really cute boy at work. i dont think anything will come of it, but its nice eye candy for the next few months of my life.  haha

i think nights just got ALOT better.  so did texas by the way! ha.


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