san antonio, tx

June 22, 2010

i realized i haven’t updated in forever, plus i keep getting text messages from my friend val! lol.  oh well, here you go.

this weekend i went to austin, tx to visit some friends D.J., Bryan, Cadi and Alex. On Sunday, M and I drove down to San Antonio, Tx.  M originally wanted to go for his birthday July 1st, however I work so that plan fell through. I decided to see a cousin of mine Jennifer Blom and her three girls and thought well, convenient we can spend the night in San Antonio since neither of us work on Monday. So I surprised him… but in first he had to hang out with the girls with me.  We went to Boerne, Tx to the Berges Fest (German festival).  It was alot of fun… we walked around with the girls, drank Cherry-Lemonade, ate Chicken on a stick, Chocolate Dipped Cheesecake, etc.  It was fun but HOTT–around 100 degrees plus humidity.  After a few hours of being in the heat and playing with the girls, we decided we were ready to go back to an A/C hotel room.  Its the little things lately that keep me sane.  lol.

So, here are some pictures of the girls and us at Berges Fest as well as some pics of us before hitting the town in San Antonio!     enjoy


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