Say Yes to the Dress!

July 23, 2010

lately i’ve been addicted to say yes to the dress on TLC.  i don’t know why but its just intriguing to see what people put on and actually like, to all the accessorizing and actually purchasing.  i’ve never really given any thought as to what my wedding would be like, let alone what my wedding dress would look like.  some of the girls on the show know exactly what they want but then decide to purchase something they never imagined trying on.  on today’s episode there was a girl Amanda.  her story got me laughing so hard cause she had her reception location picked out, wedding cake and even exact ring that she wanted all before her boyfriend proposed… needless to say, they didn’t end up getting married. uh, duh! 

well, i do have to say that one reason i love watching the show is because i absolutely love seeing all the designer (Pnina Tornai, Jim Hjelm, Justin Alexander, and Maggie Sottero) dresses.  there are so many different styles, types and cuts that when that day comes when i need to figure out what “the dress” will be, i will surely be confused–however i will have a dress from one of the above designers! lol.  well here are some dresses that i either liked or thought were too extravagant and outright strange. enjoy!


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