dreams to travel the world

August 29, 2010

when i first became a nurse i had huge dreams of traveling to third world countries and to hopefully make a difference.  i joined the army hoping that would one day get me to places i desired to work in.  i recently saw the movie Eat. Pray. Love. and that desire to work in 3rd world countries once again picked up.  hopefully one day i’ll make it to africa, india, and russia for starters. we’ll see 🙂

…cali bound…

August 25, 2010

so m and i took a week of leave and drove to california at the beginning of august.  i packed an entire week of california “fun” activities, however when i look back on it, there were so many things i didn’t even get to show him.  of course, the first stop was In’n’Out, Angels game, and Hooters! we spent the first two days hanging out at huntington beach. ive gone bar hopping or gotten dinner at Fred’s Mexican Grill but i tend to stick to my local spots. m wanted to get a drink at every bar/restaurant, which at first seemed like a drag but in the end turned out to be kind of fun– seeing the same familiar place in a whole different light. Then we drove down PCH from Del Mar back to Huntington Beach, and ended the day with the Aquarium of the Pacific.  M got to touch sharks–which he is still way too excited about!  we spent an entire day down in San Diego… we went skydiving, on a Sea Cave Kayak tour in La Jolla, and spent the rest of the day at the San Diego Zoo.  Not only did we enjoy lots of california adventures, i was able to see lots of my friends and family… My Mom, Dad, Brian, & Shane; Grecia, Kristi & David, Val (Todd & Brooke), Aunt Stacy (Uncle Bryan, Brook, Sydney, and Brayden), and  the ENTIRE Van Meeteren clan–too many to name!

Although we had an awesome time, I don’t think we will EVER drive again! hahaha.  The 22 hour one-way trip was too exhausting! well, anyways here are some pictures.  hope you enjoy!

OB Course in Hawaii

August 25, 2010

today I put in my OB course packet for February.  Its 4 months long and in Hawaii 🙂  Although i am already working on the Labor and Delivery floor it will be good for me to go to the course cause its a good thing to have on my resume and since im already working on the floor, hopefully i’ll be one of the more knowledgable ones (which puts me ahead of the class) yayy!  so hopefully in the next month or so ill find out if i got it approved!

children’s books

August 1, 2010

as a child i loved to read. im kind of sad that we sold our books at garage sales over the years. over the past few months i’ve gradually started collecting children’s books that i loved as a child, so that one day my kids can enjoy the same books.

some might think im crazy, but i can’t wait to see my kids one day reading them. i get excited knowing that they’ll learn how to read and these will be the books that will open them up to a whole other world- a world full of creativity and imagination. well anyways that’s far into the future.