red admit one ticket

September 25, 2010

the smell of burning tires.
the vroom of a loud engine.
the ‘ba lunk a lunk a lunk’ sound coming from a Cam.
the clean beautiful frame.
the eye catching colors on your favorite muscle cars.

… that’s become my friday night and I LOVE IT! for the past few weeks, Mand I have gone to the Dragway in Temple/Holland, Tx. It’s a tiny dragstrip where it only costs $30 and you can race your car, SUV, or truck.  BTW only in texas have i seen big diesel trucks, the kind my brother Brian has, raised and racing.

My favorite part of the night is looking at the cars… some people have brought their tricked out Honda Civics, Hyundai’s, or Fords; however, I like to drool over the muscle cars: Barracuda, Camaro, Chevelle, Monte Carlo, Corvettes, and Mustangs. It really is a family ordeal, wives, kids and sometimes grandkids waiting at the starting line looking for the race time or mph to pop up on the screen.  There is the old guy driving the car off the trailer, that can talk  for hours about what he’s done to the car, and he’s just happy you’ve taken interest in the outcome.   It is especially cool to hear the reason why they chose that specific year of brand to rebuild… there is always a when i was a kid my dad had this car, or when i was here i saw this car driving by, or  that was the car i’d always see in the magazines.  Then there is that pride of hitting that 10 second time for their run, that’s the best smile to see–it is ear to ear!

My favorite part of the night I have to admit is M sitting next to me (when he wasn’t in line waiting to race his Trailblazer SS) telling me everything about each specific car or motor or engine or race tires. I sit there listening, as if I haven’t heard it from him a million times before.  But I sit there and I learn something new everytime; I amaze myself when I can actually walk up to a car and realize which one has a Cam in it and which one has a blower on it.   Are you impressed? Because I was last night. ahahaha. Maybe the watching of car shows ALL the time has paid off.  I’m actually learning this stuff, but most importantly for me, M is like a kid in a candy store when he talks about cars, SO HAPPY, its too ridiculous not to sit there and get excited with him.

have a great weekend 🙂


One Response to “red admit one ticket”

  1. Lorinda Symens said

    ❤ what is it about us that enjoys the muscle cars, I don't know, but I'm not a fufu car woman either.. would rather have had a truck!

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