ode to the concert goer

October 8, 2010

last night my friend Jenny and I had floor seats to the Jason Aldean Wide Open 2010 concert featuring Luke Bryan.  It was awesome!!! That was the second best concert I’ve been to.  #1 concert was back in May at Dallas, Brooks & Dunn featuring Jason Aldean. Tonight is the Little Big Town/Sugarland Concert in Dallas…which i am VERY excited about.   But this isn’t a post about the concert.  No words would do them justice–you just had to be there!

here’s to the heffers standing in front of me. i appreciate your friend fist pumping the air the whole time and when she did this you noticed and followed in suit.  i appreciate that your big ass head blocked my view most of the night and when i swayed to the left or right to see around you, you also followed in suit and therefore blocked my view again.  i appreciate you singing every lyric to your best friend–im sure she appreciated it.  i appreciate your friend using multiple modes of camera/camcorder and phone views to take pictures and video of the concert ALL NIGHT long… her hands up in the air were an awesome view.  i also appreciate you making heart signs with your hands that were aimed at jason all night… again an awesome view.  i also appreciate you yelling “i love you jason” and making a phone sign with your hand when he looked our way.  i really feel like he’ll call you, wait by the phone. And lastly i appreciate you freaking out when Jason said “maybe i’ll meet you out at the bars tonight” TO THE CROWD!!!

here’s to the bitch behind me calling her “best friend” and ex on the phone during both intermissions.  i appreciate the screaming in my ear that you were gonna “beat a bitch down when you get back to Enis”– your like 2 lbs. i doubt you’ll be doing that.  i appreciate learning a multitude of new names for when i need to start name-calling.  i appreciate EVERYONE around me looking my direction thinking it is me.  i appreciate you yelling i hate assholes, cause really when thirty people are looking at you cause you’ve yelled and they are hearing your conversation, your not an asshole at all.  right?  i appreciate your boyfriend telling you to be quiet, which only made you want to scream louder.  i also appreciate you yelling that your pissed and need a beer, i think thats the last thing you need right now.  also, i appreciate you yelling on a voicemail to your ex to call you the f@*# back, i really doubt he’ll call when your in medusa mode.  and to my surprise he calls back and i learn he’s been spreading rumors that you guys are screwing again… if he’s smart he wouldn’t be spreading those because you are a downgrade i am sure. 

All in all, these were entertaining additions to the concert, hopefully tonight will be just as eventful and i will have updates i am sure.  otherwise, have a good weekend!!!!

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One Response to “ode to the concert goer”

  1. Lorinda symens said

    Well it does sound annoyingly like a circus… But rednecks are a peculiar bunch! All part of the show they felt the need to be a part of….

    Can’t wait till tonights update…

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