crafts and holiday seasons

November 2, 2010

today i was packing up my extra closet and came across my scrapbooking and card making plastic container.  it got me to thinking that i could possibly make my own holiday cards this year before it got too late… then snapped back to reality and decided differently.  However it got me to messing around on the computer looking at different handmade holiday cards to get some ideas *for the future* :). Once I started searching for the cards, i veered off track and started looking at different kid crafts on and  Great websites by the way. Anyways, it got me to thinking that one day I want to be a FUN mom who gets my kid(s) to do crafts during the holidays. As a kid I loved making turkeys out of the shape of your hands, snowflake cut outs, santa beard with cotton balls, pumpkins, ghosts, pilgrims, etc. (you get the idea)

Well, until that day comes… i guess i can still make the crafts if i want to 🙂


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