packing up my books…

November 11, 2010

So with all the packing that I have attempted, I have procrastinated my extra room the most. Not only is that my “storage and throw around room”, it is also the location of my bookshelves.  I learned today that 1) I have way toooooo many books, 2) I have books I didn’t even remember having, 3) most of the books i have yet to read, 4) sadly, i know i have two large boxes tucked away at my mom and dad’s full of books, and lastly, 5) i have been procrastinating because all my books were in alphabetical order.  I filled one of my “Rambo army Tuff boxes” full of books and it doesn’t even look like i touched the bookshelves.  oy vey!  8 medium boxes later I successfully have my entire extra room emptied of books, nursing books, kids books, and all 5 of m’s books. hahaha


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