It’s beginning to look alot like Christmas :)

November 13, 2010

I absolutely LOVE christmas. I love everything about it, minus the cold.  I wish I lived somewhere it snowed, however I am a cold-blooded person so I bundle up in 60 degree weather, which means I am not condusive to cold weather. I’d DIE! Lol. However, I love the look of snow on the ground, it just gives it more of a holiday feel.

Since Texas doesn’t get alot of snow, I will have to decorate in order for it to feel like christmas.  When we move into the new house in two weeks, I want to get a christmas tree.  M says no, but he won’t be able to say anything when that tree is already in the house 🙂 lol.   I also bought a Christmas CD, which I think he will soon be requesting “Can we listen to something else, please?” haha.  Well, I went to Walmart and Target today to get some last minute items for the care packages I’m making for Shuluk and Grant who are currently deployed in Iraq.  I walked around the store for what seemed like hours.  I mostly stayed to listen to the Christmas music and just happened to look around and find the items I want to get in a few weeks.  But I can’t lie, I ordered my stockings a few days ago from pottery barn kids. lol.

I’ve always wanted real wool stockings for christmas, so I’m really excited that I’ll have some for my first “adult stocking”.  Now to just get moved and get the house decorated so I feel at home.  Hopefully my house will soon look somewhat like this…

… well enjoy decorating for the holidays as this is my favorite season of the year! I wish that you all will enjoy your time with family and friends.  Being so far from my own family and friends, I truly am grateful for the christmas memories I have from the past and can’t wait till I get to be “home” to make some more.  maybe next year… 🙂


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