insomnia or lack of sleep

November 23, 2010

being a nurse has its perks, however there are downsides to working long hours as well.  the L&D floor i currently work on does alternating schedules between night and day shifts.  we usually do 6 weeks on days then 4 weeks on nights.  having said this, my sleep mechanism gets all screwed up. it usually takes me about three weeks to finally get my sleep schedule back to normal, however i never feel like i get a good nights sleep.  for the past few months i’ve gotten an average of 4 hours of sleep a night, if that.  most of this is due to the fact that when i work at night, i still need to do things during the day like grocery shopping, army briefings, doctors appointments, working out, cleaning the apartment (my neighbors hate when i do this at night), and just plain anything because the world doesn’t run on “night shift” schedule. 

i LOVE working nights, if only i were able to sleep.  i’ve tried black out shades. trazadone. visualizing a dark black room.  melatonin. everything i can think of, but i tend to just stare at the clock and watch the hours tick away until i finally just give up and get out of bed.

having said that, i find it funny that i write this at 6am after having finally fallen asleep at 1230, to only have stared at the clock, hope you have better luck than me 🙂


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