food coma has set in :)

November 26, 2010

first off, i hope you all had an amazing thanksgiving with friends and family. since i couldn’t get time off to go back home, i decided to try my hand at making thanksgiving dinner.  at first it was just going to be m and i, but my friend jenny’s husband was back home so i invited her over after work, along with another friend eric.  now, i’ve never made thanksgiving dinner and really i’ve never watched anyone make a thanksgiving dinner.  my mom has always brought over mashed potatoes to the Van side, so i knew i was a shoe in for mashed taters–everything else made me nervous. i scoured the internet for recipes and made the sweet potato souffle, apple and sage dressing, and cranberry sauce the night before.  even up until the start of turkey time, m and i were trying to decide “to bag or not to bag”, haha.  he swore up and down that his mom makes her delicious turkey with a bag.  however, when he was on the phone with her when the turkey was about done he mentioned that we put a bag around the turkey… she asked why?! lol. she said she’s never used a bag, and continued to describe the way she does her turkey (the way i was planning on it). so i told m that if it didn’t turn out good, it was his fault.  anyways, dinner was amazing.  everything turned out delicious, and we have plenty of leftovers.  now i sit here having already taken a nap and in that food coma.  here are some pics of the turkey day feast… knocked off a bucket list item also in the process, yay!


One Response to “food coma has set in :)”

  1. Rhonda said

    Good job Ashley!

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