Delivered baby #29 for 2010

December 30, 2010

Yep, I sat down and counted how many babies I’ve actually helped bring into the world so far in my small career as a Labor & Delivery nurse. Ill continue to update as they keep coming 🙂


I fell upon the blog of a couple who are cycling from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Ushuaia, Argentina; yep that is 15,000 miles! It is amazing to see what they are going through, the daily challenges and the beautiful views along the way.  They started in August of 2010 and currently they are in Jala, Mexico–not even half way there. They are only at mile 5491 of 15000. If you care to read their story, here is the link 🙂

here are two of the many of their photos, they are pretty cool to see 🙂

Cycling through Baja Mexico

cycling through the redwoods

smelly lesson

December 23, 2010

lesson learned.  when you buy a new oven, run it on self clean before you try to use it. otherwise, it will smell like burnt plastic. not only did it ruin my first attempt at enchiladas, but i got a bad headache and felt nauseous from the fumes.  i literally had to walk out of the kitchen and open up windows in the house. so learn from me… put it on SELF CLEAN!

To the left is the old crappy blinds left by the previous owner, and to the right are the NEW blinds put up! Much better. This was the trial window, but it was given a pass and so now 17 windows have been blinded 🙂

December 14, 2010

the bf surprised me one day with a new microwave range! yay! Here are the pictures of him setting it up…

Merry Christmas to Me!

December 14, 2010

Lowe’s was having a great deal (20% off) on refrigerators plus with a 10% military discount, who could beat that! We had been researching appliances for what seemed like months. Numerous trips to Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Sears to compare prices.  We would find what we wanted then at another place find a better deal or a different style we liked, put us back to square one.  So I talked the bf into looking at refrigerators and while he was getting the delivery set up I was looking at the stoves and noticed there was a 20% off stoves plus the 10% military discount also.  I didn’t say anything at the moment but commented on it later… so off to Lowe’s we went again later that night and we decided on the same one.  Those were my big purchases for the day, and the only christmas presents I was gonna be getting myself, haha.  So after a week, finally the refrigerator and stove came today! yayyy!

I was excited for the new refrigerator to come… when they put it in the “measurements” M had figured out turned out to be alot smaller than the space we had available… so needless to say, our refrigerator is ALOT smaller than the old one, but its okay we are keeping the old refrigerator in the garage as extra storage.  but here is it set up in the kitchen.

crazy cleaning lady

December 12, 2010

yes i have turned into the crazy dutch cleaning lady.  I wouldn’t let Matt move anything in til I had the house cleaned, so for the past two weeks i have cleaned the house top to bottom. Finally I have finished 🙂 … but we are waiting to move things til we both have next weekend off. oh well, its clean.

December 11, 2010

Jenny and I had been cleaning all day at the house and M kept asking what we were doing and if we needed any help.  When we finally told him no, we are going to go eat he told me ok.  The sneaky little devil had been at Sears in the morning bought a TV and was waiting for us to leave so he could surprise me and set it all up.  So here is the TV and TV stand that M was so excited about. He wanted to show you how big it is compared to him, lol.

AMEDD Holiday Ball

December 10, 2010

Here are some teaser pics of Jenny and I before the Holiday Ball…. Ms. Northern took pics of us also and since she’s a photographer she has better pics that I will post later, but here are some we took with my phone.

December 10, 2010

as the holiday season arrives, it also brings lots of happy/sad feelings. 

i think of the weekend after thanksgiving where mom got the dreaded bins out of the garage that held all the christmas decorations.  at first i used to hate seeing her getting them out because i knew that meant an entire Saturday full of decorating, but the minute we opened up the christmas tree decoration box i was sent back to “oh do you remember this time or that”.  it sent me back to all the homemade decorations and decorations we made in school. mom and i used to spend hours that i once dreaded at the beginning of the day reminiscing as we changed the look of the entire house.  for those moments i am grateful that we had the chance to spend an entire saturday together.   

i remember begging my dad to hang the christmas lights up on the house as soon as possible!  us kids would help my dad lay out all the christmas lights down the hall and check to make sure none were broke or not working, then would fight over who got to put the new bulb in the broken spot.  the boys were his helpers as he stood on the ladder and hung the lights up.  but my favorite memory of decorating for christmas was when we got to hang up the candy cane gate decoration and when dad would hang the christmas star up on the garage.  it completed the whole decorating weekend and really made it feel like christmas was in my “whiteless california” lol.

although there are alot of happy memories when i think back to all the years of decorating, alot of sadness comes with those feelings knowing that this year i won’t be there to help with the decorating at my mom and dads.