December 10, 2010

as the holiday season arrives, it also brings lots of happy/sad feelings. 

i think of the weekend after thanksgiving where mom got the dreaded bins out of the garage that held all the christmas decorations.  at first i used to hate seeing her getting them out because i knew that meant an entire Saturday full of decorating, but the minute we opened up the christmas tree decoration box i was sent back to “oh do you remember this time or that”.  it sent me back to all the homemade decorations and decorations we made in school. mom and i used to spend hours that i once dreaded at the beginning of the day reminiscing as we changed the look of the entire house.  for those moments i am grateful that we had the chance to spend an entire saturday together.   

i remember begging my dad to hang the christmas lights up on the house as soon as possible!  us kids would help my dad lay out all the christmas lights down the hall and check to make sure none were broke or not working, then would fight over who got to put the new bulb in the broken spot.  the boys were his helpers as he stood on the ladder and hung the lights up.  but my favorite memory of decorating for christmas was when we got to hang up the candy cane gate decoration and when dad would hang the christmas star up on the garage.  it completed the whole decorating weekend and really made it feel like christmas was in my “whiteless california” lol.

although there are alot of happy memories when i think back to all the years of decorating, alot of sadness comes with those feelings knowing that this year i won’t be there to help with the decorating at my mom and dads.


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  1. Lorinda Symens said

    decorating is different around here of late, but the ornaments all held a special meaning of “remember this that year”… this is just a phase in life where changes have to happen, but you will always be welcome to come home at Christmas here or that we will be invited as a family to “join” yours.. but at some point in life there will be the return of our married kids, than grandkids and it will be all good here at the old homestead…. love ya

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