Merry Christmas to Me!

December 14, 2010

Lowe’s was having a great deal (20% off) on refrigerators plus with a 10% military discount, who could beat that! We had been researching appliances for what seemed like months. Numerous trips to Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Sears to compare prices.  We would find what we wanted then at another place find a better deal or a different style we liked, put us back to square one.  So I talked the bf into looking at refrigerators and while he was getting the delivery set up I was looking at the stoves and noticed there was a 20% off stoves plus the 10% military discount also.  I didn’t say anything at the moment but commented on it later… so off to Lowe’s we went again later that night and we decided on the same one.  Those were my big purchases for the day, and the only christmas presents I was gonna be getting myself, haha.  So after a week, finally the refrigerator and stove came today! yayyy!

I was excited for the new refrigerator to come… when they put it in the “measurements” M had figured out turned out to be alot smaller than the space we had available… so needless to say, our refrigerator is ALOT smaller than the old one, but its okay we are keeping the old refrigerator in the garage as extra storage.  but here is it set up in the kitchen.


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