It snowed :)

February 3, 2011

Yes, I am writing this from Texas. The forecasters have been promising snow for a few days and finally last night it fell. This brings up some issues.

First, I’m from Cali. We don’t have snow, at least not in the part that I’m from. Therefore, I’ve never driven in the snow and this would become a first for this girl. So with my mustang and no four wheel drive, slowly but surely I made it home. It’s still snowing as I’m cuddled up in bed… But I’m hoping that while I’m sound asleep today the snow will stop so that I can make my way to work.

And lastly, schools are closed. Therefore kids are outside playing in the snow. This doesn’t work too well for someone who needs to go to sleep. Bah! Hopefully they’ll get cold soon and go back inside.

Here are some pics 🙂


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