February 17, 2011

well this week has been difficult to say the least.  i had a VERY difficult patient one night, i almost broke down in her room because i was so frustrated.  it’s one thing to be whiny, attention seeking and needy (I absolutely HATE these patients by the way), but its another to be ungrateful and a royal bitch.  I usually have a lot of patience for the patient described above, however, this day i had had enough.

I’m sorry you got pregnant.  Its called LABOR for a reason… it is not a day at the spa.  Yes, you are going to be in pain. No, the meds we have are not going to take it all away… you will still feel a little bit of pain.  Don’t yell and curse at me, I’m simply here to help deliver this child into the world.  And when i describe to you what is about to happen, don’t tell me to shut up because you’ve “delivered a litter of puppies and know what to do, i can practically deliver this baby on my own”.  Well, please, be my guest… go home and deliver your child then.  And for the record… Delivering a BABY out of your VAJAYJAY is COMPLETELY different than delivering a LITTER OF PUPPIES!    

ugh.  ok i think im done venting. it still pisses me off… she’s a stupid idiot.


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  1. Kimm said

    baahhhhhh! That’s super funny – she’s delivered puppies huh…well, hopefully she feels like an idiot and maybe the guilt will make her write you a letter thanking you…..or, maybe not? HAAHAHA! Hope you have a better day today – love ya! Kimm

    • beachsnowbabe said

      HAha. Aunt Kimm, I have had a pt write a letter apologizing for her being rude to me before… But I think her mom made her do it. Lol. (she was 16).

  2. Sylvia said

    i too have a hard time empathizing with some of my patients, mostly those who look at pregnancy as a disease that we (healthcare providers/professionals) need to cure for them. however the screaming yelling cursing is something that happens in labour, women who normally would never behave that way do when birthing and im sure that this patients reaction had nothing to do with you personally, this does not make her a royal bitch it makes her a woman in labour. while i can appreciate that this is your way of venting your frusterations i wonder how would/did you behave during the birth of your child? were you kind to your nurse? please try to remember that you are a guest in that patients room and that it is indeed a privilage for you to be present, if this is hard for you to grasp then maybe its time to look into another field of nursing, im just saying…have a nice day.

  3. Paula said

    Ashley, I have complete sympathy for you!! You were a SAINT to put up with her!! The day shift nurses took 2 hour shifts taking care of her after you left, because it was so much to handle!!

    And Sylvia, she was the SAME WAY AFTER having delivered her child….the MBU nurses had the same issues with her. So, it wasn’t because she was a woman in labor!! Ashley is an amazing L&D nurse…and she has a bright future ahead of her!

  4. lorinda symens said

    she vents on this blog so that the patients don’t receive the frustration of dealing with this A-typical behaviour as you describe it. We know many emergency types of professionals who deal daily with life threatening issues who also need a way to vent, and it would SHOCK you as to what those are, so I won’t indulge your senses by describing. But whatever part of healthcare provider/professional you are, I’m guessing an accountant… you seem to have a flatline in venting humor / compassion that a nurse on 12/24 hour shifts would require or for them. your probably one of those irrational screamers that was surprised by your own behaviourre are proud of you…

  5. beachsnowbabe said

    I absolutely LOVE labor and delivery and came into the army to do l&d. That is why I rarely have any negative posts to write, however on this specific situation I am obviously bugged enough that I am writing about it 6 days later.

    with most patients you can tell that yes they were screaming or yelling at you and yes it was because they were in labor. this isn’t a normal thing for them and most of the time they apologize. for this lady, it was a normalcy. for the first four hours of my turn at this patient i was very comforting and patient. she was on the birthing ball, we had her in princess position, had her on her hands and knees, gave her massages. i literally was in her room from 2300 (when i got there) to 645 (when i gave report). it is hard to be in a negative environment for that long. As most know, caregiver burnout is definetly difficult. so when i’m still being nice to this patient and she’s acting like this, it is very frustrating and my patience wears very thin.

    she was in alot of pain and i tried everything. stadol/phenergan, two doses of fentanyl, and two epidurals. Nothing touched her pain nor gave her two minutes of shut eye. obviously, pain medication is a normal routine for her.

    what really bothered me was her attitude about it just being about her. i literally was fighting to keep her baby on the monitor but she’d slap my hands away or tell me to not touch her. When i’d explain that i needed to find baby she’d tell me i dont care. that’s what really makes me mad, because that selfish attitude is gonna follow on into after delivery, which it did.

    ok i think i’ve ranted enough. hopefully you get a better understanding of where i was coming from with the post above. it has nothing to do with me needing to find another field of nursing, im in the field i want to be in. its just of all the happy moments at work, sometimes a few bad ones enter upon the scene.

  6. Loree said

    Ashley, don’t let other people bring you down or try to make you second guess yourself. I had both of my kids with absolutely NO pain meds or anything at all, all natural & yes it hurt a lot & took me by surprise but I may have cried out in pain but I never once yelled or took it out on the nurses. And if I did, cry or groan I applogized afterwards. Sounds like you just had a big, spoiled baby who has always had everyone make life easy for her. I pity her poor baby, with a mother like that. Keep up the great work Ashley, I’m proud of you!

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