Little pick me ups

March 1, 2011

So as you know I’ve been on this reading kick for awhile now. I have a library full of books and i tend to find myself rereading a bunch of classics from back in high school. Recently I’ve been wanting to finish the two books I was reading so I could read To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

Well today I started reading and about page ten I saw a bright pink post it note that read “smile 🙂 your gorgeous!”. I was thinking what the heck?! That’s my writing… I don’t remember writing that. That’s wierd that I would make a post it like that…

… Then I got to page 143 and there was another one! It read “your sexy, smart, funny, and deserve to be the center of a man’s world”.

I must say, at first it was definetly wierd. But my younger Ashley just made my day. Maybe I’ll start leaving little pick-me-ups around more often. Sounds good to me!


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