to GRE or not GRE?!

March 24, 2011

so I feel like I would never hear myself say this… but i miss school.

i know. i just heard a pin drop.

i think i just miss the act of learning. I feel like i’ve lost alot of knowledge and nursing skills that i once learned in nursing school.  M talks to me about things that happen at work and i feel like he’s speaking a totally different language of long lost definitions or diseases that I once knew but now i can’t even remember the tiniest thing about them. literally, i feel stupid when he comes home about this “great patient” he had last night.  i know that he is so excited to tell me about what was wrong with them, what cool procedure he got to do, and what they did. I’m very happy for him, really, but all i do is get frustrated. Don’t get me wrong. Labor and Delivery has very high-risk and complicated patients, and it is a GREAT learning experience. But I wonder what i’m missing out on?

My problem is that i loved too many of my rotations during nursing school, that i don’t think i could pick just one that i want to do for the rest of my life.  I loved working the peds, oncology floor at CHLA (Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles), I really enjoyed working the Critical Care Unit at St. Joseph’s, I enjoyed working with the pregnant teens during Community, and I actually enjoyed my Rehab rotation at Tustin.

I don’t know… maybe one day i’ll figure out what i want to be when i grow up 🙂  until then i’ll enjoy the time i get to play with babies all day!


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