Boys and fire not a good combination

March 25, 2011

The bf has this fascination for fire. Our fireplace has gotten much use in the last four months since we moved into the house, and not because we were sitting by the fireplace reading or whatever it is that people do by a fireplace. No, he just likes to burn wood. And I mean not one or two logs at a time, I’m talking one if not two bundles! Maybe it’s just man’s primal instinct to make fire, but he takes this a little too far…

Case in point, last wednesday. We’ve had cardboard boxes (from moving) that had been sitting in the house FOREVER. I loaded up what i could into my car so that i could bring it on post and drop it off at recycling. Well i left one big box that wouldn’t fit into my car. I worked the night before so was sleeping, when the bf thought he would get rid of the box by burning it in the backyard. Anyways I smelt burning and came out to find him burning the box in our empty flower pot. He told me it was fine and to go back to bed, he had it “under control”. Im pretty sure you get where I’m going with this… About ten minutes later i hear him screaming ASHLEY! GET THE HOSE AND NOZZLE! I grab them still not knowing whats going on and he grabs my mop bucket. We put out the two spots in the backyard and all of a sudden I notice there’s white smoke on the other side of our fence… I hop onto the fence ledge and see fire heading to the street, while leaving a trail of burnt grass. At this point people are jumping out of their cars and neighbors are bringing hoses and fighting it from the front while I spray from the back… Yep. My heart was racing. All of a sudden I’m thinking our house is gonna burn down, he is gonna be in so much trouble when this is put out! Needless to say the fire was put out, fire dept. was called out; but most importantly no damage was done to either our house and luckily nothing on our neighbors house was damaged. Although they haven’t talked to us yet so… Oops! I wanted to meet the people in my neighborhood but not this way!

He got a good scolding from the fire dept. but nothing like the wrath I gave him. Lol. My mother even told me to be nice, it was a mistake. Well hopefully a lesson learned.

Here’s the burnt grass from the front and side of the house… You can see how close it got to the neighbors house.




2 Responses to “Boys and fire not a good combination”

  1. Matt;s mom said

    He should never be left alone with fire…. He was a boy scout but DID NOT become an eagle scout!! Do not ever let him have fire. Ask him about cooking the steak at one of the scout campouts and flipping it over in the pan. His dad took him to the ER 5 times during these scouting adventures- I did not participate in these events. I was at home waiting for the phone to ring to meet them at the ER. Ann

  2. kimm said

    ahahahahahaaaaa that’s hilarious! Maybe all that fire and smoke made the snake want to take even more cover so that’s how he got into your house! If Matt promises no fires and the snakes are gone for good…we’ll come visit! Thanks for the laugh – needed that!!! ahahahahahahah now I’ll have something to talk about at lunch at work! Love you Ashley Nicole!!!

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