March 29, 2011

i feel like im an old person, and m is quick to remind me of this fact ALL the time.  I absolutely LOVE old TV shows. Im not that big on newer TV shows much these days other than Grey’s Anatomy, the Office or Teen Mom, but give me an episode of I Love Lucy, Little House on the Prairie, Andy Griffith Show, Bewitched, or Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman…. Count me sitting there… all day long 🙂

i think my favorite memory growing up was when we were little and i mean 4-13 years old.  when we were at the river, the only way my parents would get us to go to bed early enough (since us kids used to race each other in the morning to be the first up), was to turn nick at nite on…. i love lucy and then bewitched.  the best hour or two of my life!

ok… im ranting and m is rolling his eyes at this post.  until next time. have a good day!


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