no social life for ashley

April 16, 2011

i’ve come to the conclusion that im never gonna have a social life while im in the army.  case in point, last night.  two of our friends just got back from a deployment and the other from a course.  since jenny left i really haven’t hung out with many people from our group purely out of exhuastion from work and laziness on my part. however, last night we were having a BBQ at laura’s house to celebrate grant and her getting back, but also their engagement! Yay, someone to hang out with other than the bf!

I made it through a nice two hours before i was called into work, yet again.  it ceases to fail. its like the hospital has a marquee that flashes when I have a night off… all the pregnant people see it and come in bus loads and I get called in to help.  i literally don’t relax when i have a night off because i know that phone is gonna ring asking if i can come in… it used to annoy me, now im so used to it that i really dont care anymore.  anyways, i was able to help with the rush for awhile and then four hours later when it slowed down the charge nurse let me go home! Thank you Jess! 🙂


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