i got a puppy!!!!!

September 26, 2011

My friend Jenny came to visit this weekend!!!! I was so excited and had so much fun.  Jenny and I have been through everything since we joined the army. We both went to OBC together, we were in the same platoon, and then both stationed at Fort Hood. Anyways, she moved to Fort Carson, Colorado last march and I miss the HECK out of her. Even though I worked we got to spend alot of time together–lets just say I’m sleep deprived!  On Sunday, we were on our way to Barnes & Noble to go shopping and walked past a guy giving free puppies out. I have always wanted a black lab and just haven’t found one I liked out here. Well, we were standing there looking at the puppies and this one just kept looking at us. She was calm and quiet.  Jenny picked her up and that is the end of the story! We never made it to Barnes and Noble but instead went to Petsmart! lol.

Black Lab Redhealer Mix
Date of Birth: 13Aug2011
Joined our family: 25Sept2011 at 6 weeks old
Weighs 8lb 8oz.

Well, here is a slideshow of miss Bailey 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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