January 3, 2012

this is more so for my mom and matt’s mom… they always say they need updated pictures of bailey.

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2012 has arrived!

January 3, 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! 2012 is looking to be an amazing year and I am so excited for the challenges that lie up ahead. I am not making the typical list of resolutions that most people do, to be quite honest, I never keep them, so I’m hoping to live day to day by living life to the fullest.

2012 has already started out great. I worked, but that meant I was able to work with some amazing people! Plus, I delivered the only new years babies at our hospital! One was delivered Sunday morning and one was delivered on my next shift late that night! Ha.

Upcoming events/challenges to take on:

1. House projects: Organize Pantry, Set up office/craft room, Redecorate master bedroom/bathroom/closet

2. Fall: begin taking Family Nurse Practitioner and Nurse Educator courses

4. July-Aug: 3week road trip (Grand Canyon, Drive up the california coast, San Francisco, Yosemite) RIVER TRIP! 🙂

5. October: obligation done with Army Nurse Corp… who knows what I will do after?! 🙂

theres an idea about what to expect from me this next year!