been a while

May 6, 2012

February left me working alot of hours at the hospital. Matt still works at Freedom Urgent Care Clinic and started school. He is taking two history classes and will have to take a full load during the summer as well. Matt decided that he wanted to plant a tree in the backyard since we have nothing that blocks our neighbors view beside the fence.  Also, we have nothing that gives any shade in the yard for bailey, thus our first Peach tree was planted.

March was spent celebrating my birthday and I turned my packet in to get out of the army! Big woot woot for that 🙂  Our peach tree that we planted in February was eaten by Bailey–and died.  Matt planted another tree and put a fence around it this time so bailey wouldn’t get a hold of it.

April my Mom came out for a week! So excited to have her here in Texas and to be able to do things with her while she was here. I had an OR class for two days, so it was nice to have an 8-5 schedule.  We were able to have dinner and were able to spend the other three days eating lots of barbeque.  We went to Saltlick for lunch one day. We painted my whole upstairs 🙂 And just spent lots of quality lazy hangout time together. It was sad to see her go home, but hopefully I will be able to go to the Van Meeteren river trip this year and will then take three weeks to go home!  I passed my last Army PT Test! So glad to be done with that and to NEVER have to do that again 🙂  If you haven’t forgotten about our lovely peach tree situation… well, Bailey reached over the fence and tackled the tree.  Another one bit the dust. Therefore, we have planted another tree but Matt made the circle fence around it bigger so she can’t reach it. I wish he would just get over this whole tree planting business but it has just progressed even further.  He has plans to plant a garden in the backyard. We have started out with a pepper plant and strawberry plants. I did not inherit my mother’s greenthumb AT ALL! I would like to one day plant flowers but really im not quite there yet.  Matt, on the other hand has become a little farmer because in

May our third tree died because of the heat and lack of water that we refused to give to a tree that really didn’t look great at all.  So, our fence has been torn down and Matt has posted his spot for the garden along the right side of our yard against the fence.  He has added a blackberry plant, a tomato plant, and bought another tree, however this is still in a bucket! We went to San Antonio the first weekend of May to celebrate our 2 year anniversary (technically May 13) and Cinco de Mayo.  Matt’s favorite comedian is Kevin Hart so we saw him at the AT&T Center on Saturday night….