im your typical California Dutch girl… blonde hair, blue eyes.

...i want to be opposite of ordinary...

im a Registered Nurse in the U.S. Army currently stationed at Fort Hood, Tx.

i love the beach and listening to the crash of the waves at night, its very relaxing.

im very shy and quiet, depending on the situation or people.

i love babies and kids. their smiles can brighten any day.

i love watching or playing sports; you name it: football, soccer, and volleyball.

im excited for what my life still holds, and looking forward to the next chapter in my life.

i love getting all dressed up and going out for a night out with the girls.

i love to laugh.

i hate the unknown.

i love doing things for the first time or going to places i’ve never been.

i love acoustic music.

im a hopeless romantic.  i love having that special someone
and sharing moments only the two of you experienced together.

i love reading books.

i love the river (Colorado/Havasu).

i love looking at the stars.  i could do it for hours.

i love sunsets.

friends and family have become my rock and biggest blessings in life.

i love traveling.

im learning to surrender more to God and trust in Him daily.

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