I was reading my facebook feed and one of my friends had this story posted to her wall and so i read it… yes please keep nurses in your thoughts during the holidays.  They give up lots of time with friends and family in order to be working at the hospital.  I know that I grumble at times, but most often when I get to work I’m excited because my patient’s make my day. So if you enjoy a good read, please click!


Happy Memorial Day!

May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day weekend! I hope that you enjoy your four day weekend, but please take some time to remember those, both past and present, who have given up everything, including their life. So this memorial day take a moment out of whatever you are doing and say a prayer for the soldiers that are still over there, the soldiers who made it back and most importantly the soldiers who are not with us today…

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i’ve come to the conclusion that im never gonna have a social life while im in the army.  case in point, last night.  two of our friends just got back from a deployment and the other from a course.  since jenny left i really haven’t hung out with many people from our group purely out of exhuastion from work and laziness on my part. however, last night we were having a BBQ at laura’s house to celebrate grant and her getting back, but also their engagement! Yay, someone to hang out with other than the bf!

I made it through a nice two hours before i was called into work, yet again.  it ceases to fail. its like the hospital has a marquee that flashes when I have a night off… all the pregnant people see it and come in bus loads and I get called in to help.  i literally don’t relax when i have a night off because i know that phone is gonna ring asking if i can come in… it used to annoy me, now im so used to it that i really dont care anymore.  anyways, i was able to help with the rush for awhile and then four hours later when it slowed down the charge nurse let me go home! Thank you Jess! 🙂

so in the beginning of January i was sent an email saying that of the three “H” identifier (Medical-Surgical) nurses on our L&D  floor, one of us needed to deploy. All the email said was there is a tasker deployment slot needing to be filled this summer… who wanted to volunteer?! lol. well i responded with whats a tasker, where, when and that i would go… my head nurse told me she would let me know as soon as she knew something. Still waiting…

I’d almost rather Branch just cut me orders without letting me know, than to ask and now im waiting. I NEED TO PLAN THINGS FOR THE SUMMER PEOPLE!  … well luckily branch will be here beginning of may… hmm maybe i’ll bring it up then 🙂

Delivered baby #29 for 2010

December 30, 2010

Yep, I sat down and counted how many babies I’ve actually helped bring into the world so far in my small career as a Labor & Delivery nurse. Ill continue to update as they keep coming 🙂

I’m off orientation! yayy! which means im a ‘real’ nurse according to the army… i still feel like i don’t know nearly enough but i guess that is what happens when you go to a new specialty floor.  it will just take time and more experience under my belt before i feel 100% competent, but even then i don’t think every nurse knows everything about nursing… there is always something new to learn. Luckily I work with some amazing women who do know ALOT about labor and delivery and they are a wealth of knowledge that i can use as a resource.  But i’ve got my big girl panties on now and it feels AMAZING!

skates are on in this place…

September 30, 2010

this past month has been  VERY BUSY at work.  we had 260+ deliveries this month alone… and thats not even counting the 40+ patients we sent out to other facilities nearby.  Im exhausted after this month but i’ve had ALOT of good experiences and learning opportunities. 

have a good week 🙂

September 28, 2010

the hardest thing to hear in the world is that of a doctor telling a first time mom that he can’t find a heartbeat.  Here was my dilemma today at work. I tried for ten minutes to find a heartbeat.  I could feel the baby… this lady was tiny.  I mean i could seriously feel the baby’s head, I could see the baby’s butt.  WHY WASN”T I GETTING A HEARTBEAT???  My heart was racing. I asked another nurse to check behind me.  Maybe i was missing something, not in the right spot or just completely off today.  I mean I didn’t have my coffee like I normally do and I didn’t really sleep well last night.  Maybe it was just me.  I get the dopplar for her and my worst fears become reality.  She can’t find anything either.  She, like me, tried all over the belly. So my next step is to call the doctor to get an ultrasound to confirm. Yep, nothing either.  And they find that there is hardly any fluid surrounding the baby.  I started to cry as I stand there along with the doctors as the husband asks, “So what are you trying to tell us?”.  The doctors response cuts like a knife…”what Im trying to do is find a heartbeat, and quite frankly I can’t.”  

There are no words to describe the mixed emotions left in that room.  What is going on in their heads?  How do you support someone going through such a loss?  I can’t even imagine going through that kind of pain. Knowing that only three weeks from now you should be taking home your first son or daughter… to now have those dreams dashed.  And to think that this isn’t even the hardest part.  Yeah, hearing you no longer have a baby growing inside of you is hard.  But to have to then go through the labor process.  I mean how do you go home and have to continually look at a nursery full of stuff? That would be the worst… it’s like a daily reminder of what you weren’t able to bring home with you.  😦

ok… well now that i’ve ranted about my difficult and VERY emotional day. I wish you all a great and blessed day.

update on army life

September 20, 2010

so i realized today that i am 1) horrible at keeping up on my blog to update family on what’s going on with my life and 2) i have a boring life cause i sit there and think what have i done the past week?  

Well to sum it up: work, workout, army briefings/mandatory meetings, more officer development courses and sleep.  LOL. NOTHING EXCITING! I need to work on that most importantly i think. haha. 

Well, I am still at Fort Hood, Tx.  I turned my packet in for the OB (Labor and Delivery) Course in Hawaii this past week– so I should find out if I got into the February class sometime within the next month… that’s it for now.  Well i better get to sleep its an early day tomorrow and I have c/s to do (3 to be exact) meaning LONNNNNNNNNG DAY!

OB Course in Hawaii

August 25, 2010

today I put in my OB course packet for February.  Its 4 months long and in Hawaii 🙂  Although i am already working on the Labor and Delivery floor it will be good for me to go to the course cause its a good thing to have on my resume and since im already working on the floor, hopefully i’ll be one of the more knowledgable ones (which puts me ahead of the class) yayy!  so hopefully in the next month or so ill find out if i got it approved!